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Tips for how to take care of your jewelry

Each piece of jewelry from Peru is hand made and created with passion by craftsmen. Therefore, we think that the appropriate jewelry conservation is the best guarantee for having them in optimal condition year after year.


  • Try not to keep your jewelry in the same case. In this way you will avoid having scratches in the pieces caused by continuous rubbing.


  •  Avoid blows on hard surfaces, since this can scratch your jewel.


  • Clean your silver jewelry always with neutral soap (liquid soap if available), independently if they have semi-precious stones or not. Place your jewelry in a deep bowl, add a little liquid soap and then cover them up with lukewarm water. Brush the jewels gently with a toothbrush with smooth bristles. Once you are finished, change the water as many times as needed until all liquid soap disappears. To dry the jewels up, place them in a clean towel and rub them one at a time until dry.


  • Pearls and corals deserve special attention; they are of organic origin and therefore can be attacked by cosmetics, lacquers, perfumes or colognes. For cleaning these items we recommend using the above-mentioned cleaning methode, but be more careful with them.


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